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Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD)

OWSD is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental body based at the offices of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS), in Trieste, Italy. This Organization is the first international forum to unite eminent women scientists from the developing and developed worlds with the objective of strengthening their role in the development process and promoting their representation in scientific and technological leadership.

The Organization was established as the Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS) in March 1989 and officially launched in Cairo, Egypt, on the occasion of its First General Assembly and First International Conference in January 1993.

The second Conference and Assembly took place in 1999 in Cape Town, South Africa; the third in 2005 in Bangalore, India and the fourth in 2010 in Beijing, China. Foundations for the Advancement of Science, Academies of Science and/or Ministries of Science have hosted all the conferences.

The fifth General Assembly and International Conference will be hosted by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology of Estado de Morelos, Mexico and Co-hosted by the Mexican Academy of Science, the National Council of Science and Technology and the Mexico’s Science Consulting Council of the Presidency of the Republic. For the Conference information and communication technologies will be utilized. All information could be accessed trough computers, laptops, tablets and smart mobile phones.

Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology of Morelos, Mexico

The Governor of Morelos, Graco Ramírez, took office in October 2012 and at that same time he created the first Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology of Mexico in recognition of the strategic importance of these subjects for sustainable development. Furthermore, he appointed a local scientist, Dr. Brenda Valderrama, as head of this office along with other six women in key positions such as State Finances, Cultural Promotion, Public Infrastructure, Chief of Police, Social Development and Health Services as a proof of his gender equity policies. For these reasons and also for hosting prominent international level touristic facilities, Cuernavaca arises as the perfect spot for the next OWSD International Conference.

Aims of the OWSD Fifth International Conference: Women Scientists in a Quest for Sustainability and Development

The purpose of the Conference, according to the overall objectives of OWSD, is to bring together women scientist and engineers from developing countries around the world to highlight their experiences, approaches, concerns, proposals and participation in educational, scientific, engineering, technological and innovation systems to create more integrated, sustainable, economically advanced and equitable societies.

According to the Thomas Jefferson Sustainability Council, “sustainability may be described as our responsibility to proceed in a way that will sustain life that will allow our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to live comfortably in a friendly, clean, and healthy world’.

Sustainability is the golden bridge among environmental, economic and social goals; among government, civil society and business; between science and policy and between policy and action. Therefore, women and men in science, technology and innovation play a fundamental role in a quest for sustainability and only by their positive actions is that developing countries will have the opportunity to address new integrated solutions for growing with equity.

Outcomes of the Fifth International Conference

The general expected outcomes of the Conference are:

  • To increase visibility and leadership of women scientist from developing countries in spite of their age.
  • To increase understanding of the role of science, technology and government in supporting women's critical role in sustainability.
  • To encourage kids and youths to follow a scientific carrier.
  • To strengthen networking and mentoring.
  • To raise awareness of governments and national, regional and international organizations on the necessity of involve women scientists and engineers in their projects, as well as for settling policies for development.
  • To disseminate information about OWSD activities.
  • To maintain a continuous discussion between the participants and other interested persons through social networks (@OWSD2014 in Twitter and OWSD2014 pages in Facebook and Google +).
  • To publish an electronic-book of abstracts.
  • Participants

    All members of OWSD are invited to the Conference and General Assembly. Scientists and engineers from developing or developed countries are welcome to send their contributions to the conference. Leading scientists and engineers from developing or developed countries will be invited to present Plenary Conferences and to participate in the Symposia. Representatives of international organizations and personalities known by their promotion of women in science, engineering and sustainability will be invited join to the conference.